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Judith Morgan

Judith Morgan

London, United Kingdom · 3 items

My Money Moment

Money-Making Magic was a Google Group I started in 2011 which ran until 2014. We had a membership of about 70 women and men, some of whom had come together in a previous community called The Money Gym.

In 2012 it occurred to us that we should write a book together based on our individual stories about money. Here are those stories. Our goal in publishing them is to inspire you to face up to your own issues when it comes to money.

You’ll see that the members of the Money-Making Magic Group have written about much more than just money. Money is one of the starting points on a personal development journey and these are heroic stories of the pivotal moments and the little changes which all add up to a big difference.

If you want to change your relationship with money, this little book is a great place to start and we hope you’ll take inspiration to make a start on your own journey to financial freedom and abundance

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